Forensic Animation

Forensic animation in legal use is where audio/visual reconstructions of accidents or other events are conceived, designed and created to help attorneys and legal experts explain what happened – after the fact. As a result of this type of ‘event reconstruction’, many lawsuits can be and are avoided before becoming a more costly and time-consuming process for all parties involved.

Forensic animation itself is just that, animation, but with an extreme emphasis on the scientific accuracy of the representation of the event. In some instances the animation may be hand drawn drawn and not produced as a result of ‘computer graphics in motion’. Forensic graphics may be in the form of still images or photo overlays and may include other audio or visual elements, but the use of computers – for both still images and animations – allow a degree of accuracy in forensic graphics that is not easily matched when using hand-drawn artwork.

Due to the accuracy of computer animation and graphics in courtroom presentations, forensic animation is increasingly popular and effective for many different types of legal situations. These may include situational re-enactments (as in accidents or environments), health or medical-related (as in creating internal, x-ray or microscopic views), equipment or product construction/details, or other uses.

In addition to other categories of litigation graphics and animation, we specialize in forensic animation and can provide accurate scientific representations for most all legal situations and requirements.

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