What We Do

Our Process


Case Analysis and Technical Consultation

The Legal Depiction team begins building a technical foundation with a one-on-one discussion to review the parameters of each case to determine the approach. Whether it’s an accident reconstruction, product liability or personal injury case, each scenario needs to be told accurately and effectively. Some cases require static graphics, while others benefit from 3D animation or an interactive presentation.

At this point, crucial questions begin to be answered, such as identifying the intended audience of the visualization. Trial graphics must be admissible and therefore demand a factual presentation. Arbitration and mediation call for a different visual strategy that utilizes emotion to help make an impactful statement.

The Legal Depiction team prides themselves on their consultative approach that guides the client to the right solution. With over two decades of entertainment experience, we provide the storytelling method that will most effectively support the case.


Quote and Timeline

After the initial case analysis and technical consultation, Legal Depiction provides a detailed quote. Pricing is based on the complexity of the project and takes into account the following:

  • Number of visuals to be created
  • Complexity and format of each visual
  • Use of scene or object scanning
  • Level of photorealism
  • Project deadline

Based on this approach and the steps needed, a timeline will be developed. After the quote and timeline have been accepted, the project begins.



In every step of the production process each visual element created is evaluated for technical accuracy and effective storytelling.

Assets are gathered:

  • Environment or Object Scans
  • Xrays, CT Scans, MRIs, Medical Records
  • Reference Photos
  • Maps, Schematics, CAD Drawings
  • Total Collision Reports (TCR)

A Rough Animatic (animated storyboard is created)

  • Construct low-resolution environment(s)
  • Animation of objects and characters
  • Position camera angles and motion
  • Render

Once Animatic is approved, production begins:

  • Texturing and Lighting
  • Composite and Output full resolution animation



  • Quality Assurance
  • Digital files are delivered via FTP or client’s preferred format
  • DVD copy provided at client’s request