Who We Are

Legal Depiction creates forensic graphics, visualizations and animations for trial, mediation and arbitration.

Founded by multiple Emmy Award-winning graphic designer Edmund Kozin, Legal Depiction creates compelling, accurate and admissible trial graphics. Kozin’s twenty years of award-winning experience in the entertainment industry make him uniquely qualified to tell the story for your case. From crime scene recreation to accident reconstruction, Legal Depiction brings the talents of highly qualified artists and technicians to the process of converting complex scenarios into easily understood visuals.


Legal Depiction’s talented team offers:

  • Case Analysis
  • Scene Recreation from LIDAR Scan Data
  • 3D Modeling, Texturing and Mapping
  • Lighting Simulation
  • Compositing/Video Enhancements

With a record of 100% admissibility, tens of millions of dollars in judgments and a return on investment ratio exceeding 100 to 1, Legal Depiction is the leader in Graphic Testimony.