Demonstratives for Trial, Mediation and Arbitration.


Founded by multiple Emmy Award-winning Graphic Designer Edmund Kozin, Legal Depiction creates Clear, Compelling and Accurate Trial graphics. Kozin's twenty years of award-winning experience in the entertainment industry make him uniquely qualified to tell the story for your case. From crime scene recreation to accident reconstruction, Legal Depiction brings the talents of highly qualified artists and technicians to the process of converting complex scenarios into easily understood visuals.



At Legal Depiction, we specialize in creating forensically accurate animations that add a compelling visual dimension to legal presentations. Meticulously crafted to provide an accurate representation of complex events, our animations help attorneys effectively convey their arguments in courtrooms and legal proceedings.

PRECISION AND ACCURACY:   Our team of experts combine technical expertise and attention to detail to ensure that every animation we produce is forensically accurate. We thoroughly research, analyze, and recreate the events or scenarios to provide an accurate depiction.

VISUAL IMPACT:   Our animations are designed to captivate and engage audiences. By bringing complex concepts or events to life, we help attorneys present their case with clarity and impact. Visual storytelling can enhance understanding and retention, ensuring that key points are effectively conveyed.

SCIENTIFIC EXPERTISE:   We work closely with forensic experts, accident reconstructions, and subject matter experts to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of our animations. By incorporating scientific principles and data into our visuals, we provide a solid foundation for legal arguments.

CUSTOMIZATION AND ADAPTABILITY:  Each case is unique! Our animations are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. We collaborate closely with attorneys to understand their case strategy and objectives, ensuring that our animations align with their legal arguments.

MULTI_PURPOSE APPLICATIONS:   Our animations can be utilized in various legal contexts, including courtroom presentations, settlement negotiations, mediation sessions, and client consultations. They can help simplify complex concepts, demonstrate causation, illustrate accident reconstructions, or recreate crime scenes.

COLLABORATION AND COMMUNICATION:  We value an open communication and collaboration with our clients by providing regular updates and seeking feedback throughout the animation creation process. This ensures that the final product meets their expectations and effectively supports their legal strategy.

TECHNOLOGICAL EXPERTISE:  Leveraging cutting-edge animation software and tools, we create high-quality visuals that are both realistic and impactful. Our animations can incorporate 3D modeling, Simulations, Timelines, and other Visual Elements to enhance understanding and persuasion.

When the stakes are high, trust Legal Depiction to provide forensically accurate animations that strengthen your legal presentations. Our commitment to precision, visual impact, scientific expertise, customization, and collaboration sets us apart, enabling you to effectively convey your arguments and achieve favorable outcomes in legal proceedings.

Realtime 3D graphics is a service provided by Legal Depiction specifically tailored for courtroom trials or mediation proceedings. This service involves the creation and presentation of three-dimensional visual content in real-time, designed to enhance the courtroom experience and facilitate a better understanding of complex legal concepts and evidence.

Here’s how Legal Depiction’s Realtime 3D graphics service can be utilized in a courtroom or mediation setting:

VISUALIZING ACCIDENTS OR CRIME SCENE RECONSTRUCTIONS:  Legal Depiction can create realistic 3D visualizations of crime scenes or accident reconstructions based on available evidence. These visualizations can help jurors, judges, or mediators gain a clearer understanding of the events in question, including spatial relationships, timelines, and critical details.

DEMONSTRATING LEGAL CONCEPTS AND EVIDENCE:   Complex legal concepts, such as patent infringement or construction disputes, can be challenging for non-experts to grasp. Through Realtime 3D graphics, Legal Depiction can create interactive visualizations to simplify and clarify these concepts. This enables attorneys to present evidence, demonstrate key points, and convey arguments more effectively.

PRESENTING ARCHITECTURAL OR ENGINEERING OR DESIGNS:  In cases involving construction disputes or property-related matters, Legal Depiction can utilize Realtime 3D graphics to present architectural or engineering designs. This allows our clients the ability to visually explore the design, evaluate its feasibility, and assess any potential flaws or discrepancies.

SIMULATING EVENTS OR SCENARIOS:  Realtime 3D graphics can be used to visualize events or scenarios from different vantage points and sequence of events that occurred relevant to the case. For example, in a personal injury case, an interactive visualization can help the viewer understand how an accident occurred and the resulting injuries but also grasp the “What IF” Scenarios. Helping the audience understand the sequence of events and the potential impact on the individuals involved is the goal.

ENHANCING PRESENTATION AND EXHIBITS:   Our Realtime 3D graphics service can enhance courtroom presentations and exhibits. By incorporating interactive visual content, animations, or reconstructions, attorneys can engage the audience, simplify complex information, and present a more compelling case.

By leveraging Realtime 3D graphics in courtroom trials or mediation, Legal Depiction aims to provide a powerful visual tool that improves communication, enhances comprehension, and enables a more effective presentation of evidence and arguments.

Interactive PowerPoint presentations is a service offered by Legal Depiction specifically designed for court mediation or trial settings. This service focuses on creating visually appealing and informative presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint to assist in the effective communication of ideas, evidence, and arguments. These presentations are interactive in the sense that they integrate multiple parties, facts, media, or data streams to provide a comprehensive and clear understanding for a jury or mediator.

Here are the key features and benefits of Legal Depiction’s Interactive PowerPoint presentations for court, mediation, or trial:

INTEGRATION OF MULTIPLE PARTIES AND PERSPECTIVES:   Legal Depiction incorporates relevant information from multiple parties involved in the case, such as plaintiff, defendant, witnesses, or experts. By presenting different perspectives, arguments, or evidence in a cohesive manner, the interactive presentations enable the audience, including the jury or mediator, to gain a comprehensive understanding of the case from various angles.

INCORPORATION OF FACTS AND EVIDENCE:   The presentations integrate factual information and evidence, including documents, photographs, videos, or audio recordings to support the arguments being made. Legal Depiction ensures that these elements are seamlessly incorporated into the PowerPoint slides, making them easily accessible and enhancing the clarity and credibility of the presented information.

DATA VISUALIZATION AND ANALYSIS:   Interactive PowerPoint presentations may include data visualization techniques such as charts, graphs, or infographics to present complex data or statistical information in a clear and concise manner. These visual representations help the audience grasp key insights, trends, or relationships, making the information accessible and compelling.

SEAMLESS MEDIA INTEGRATIONS:   Legal Depiction integrates various media elements into the presentations, such as videos, animations, or interactive simulations. These media components are strategically placed to enhance the understanding of complex concepts, recreate scenes, or demonstrate cause-and-effect relationships. By bringing the information to life, the presentations engage the audience and facilitate comprehension.

FACILITATION OF CLEAR COMMUNICATION:   The interactive nature of these presentations allows for a dynamic and engaging communication process. Legal Depiction ensures that the content is structured and organized in a logical and coherent manner, facilitating the smooth flow of information. This enables the jury or mediator to follow the presentation effortlessly and fully comprehend the key points being conveyed.

By leveraging interactive PowerPoint presentations tailored for court mediation or trial, Legal Depiction aims to integrate multiple parties, facts, media, and data streams to provide a comprehensive and clear understanding of the case. These presentations enhance the communication of ideas, evidence, and arguments, ultimately assisting the jury or mediator in making informed decisions

Legal Depiction offers Video and Camera Solves, a service that utilizes advanced video analysis and camera technologies to prove real-world events and create irrefutable evidence to support a case in court or mediation proceedings. This service focuses on leveraging video footage and camera data to provide accurate, objective, and compelling evidence for legal professionals.

Here are the key aspects and benefits of Legal Depiction’s Video and Camera Solves:

VIDEO ANALYSIS:   Legal Depiction employs sophisticated video analysis techniques to examine and analyze video footage relevant to a case. This includes carefully reviewing and scrutinizing video recordings, surveillance footage, or other visual media to extract crucial details, identify key events, and highlight critical moments that support our client’s position.

CAMERA TECHNOLOGY EXPERTISE:   Our expertise in various camera technologies, including CCTV cameras, body-worn cameras, dashcams, or other surveillance systems. By understanding the technical aspects of these cameras and their limitations, Legal Depiction can accurately interpret camera data and provide expert insights related to angles, perspectives, timestamps, or any other relevant information.

RECONSTRUCTION OF EVENTS:   Using the available video footage, Legal Depiction can reconstruct and recreate the sequence of events accurately. This involves analyzing the footage, identifying key timestamps, synchronizing multiple camera angles, and presenting a comprehensive and coherent narrative of the events as they unfolded. This reconstruction provides a clear and objective representation of the real-world events, supporting our client’s case.

CREATION OF IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE:   Video and Camera Solves aim to create compelling and irrefutable evidence that can withstand scrutiny in court or mediation. By utilizing video analysis techniques, camera expertise, and accurate event reconstruction, Legal Depiction helps to present evidence that is objective, reliable, and difficult to dispute, thereby strengthening our client’s position.

EXPERT TESTIMONY PRESENTATIONS:   Legal Depiction can provide expert testimony and presentations based on the findings of the Video and Camera Solves. This includes presenting the analyzed video footage, explaining the technical aspects, and providing a clear interpretation of the events to judges, juries, or mediators. This expert testimony enhances the credibility and persuasiveness of the evidence presented.

By offering Video and Camera Solves, Legal Depiction assists legal professionals in utilizing video analysis and camera technologies to prove real-world events and create compelling evidence for court or mediation proceedings. This service ensures that accurate, objective, and irrefutable evidence is presented to support our client’s case effectively.

As a Legal Depiction service, we offer comprehensive “Audio Analysis and Enhancement” services to assist in legal proceedings. Our expertise lies in the examination, interpretation, and improvement of audio recordings for use as evidence or support in legal cases.

Our “Audio Analysis and Enhancement” services encompass a range of specialized techniques to optimize audio recordings for clarity, audibility, and comprehension. These services include:

EXPERT AUDIO ANALYSIS:   Our experts meticulously analyze audio recordings, such as phone calls, surveillance tapes, or voice messages, to determine authenticity, identify speakers, detect tampering, or enhance audio quality.

TRANSCRIPTION SERVICES:   We provide accurate transcriptions of audio recordings, converting spoken words into written text for easier comprehension, documentation, or reference during legal proceedings.

VOICE IDENTIFICATION:   Using advanced methods, we compare voices to establish the identity of speakers, aiding in cases involving fraud investigations or anonymous threats.

LINGUISTIC ANALYSIS:   Our linguistics specialists analyze audio recordings to identify characteristics, dialects, accents, or language patterns exhibited by speakers, providing valuable insights into their origins or background.

AUDIO ENHANCEMENT:   Our audio mixing techniques improve the audibility and intelligibility of recordings, ensuring that jurors, mediators, or our audience can clearly hear and understand the content. This includes noise reduction, equalization, volume balancing, and overall audio enhancement.

Our “Audio Analysis and Enhancement” services are designed to provide robust and reliable support for legal professionals. We can also provide expert testimony in court, presenting our findings, interpretations, and opinions based on the analyzed and enhanced audio recordings.

By leveraging our expertise in audio analysis and enhancement, we help to optimize the quality and accessibility of audio evidence, contributing to stronger legal arguments and facilitating informed decision-making within legal proceedings.


“Reconstructing the Accident visually through various vantage points allowed the viewer to understand the erratic driving maneuvers of the vehicle before impact. As a result, our client was able to mitigate fault as to the Truck's involvement in this case. The Quality of Work produced by Legal Depiction helped us achieve a favorable outcome."

Patrick J. Cimmarusti

“The animation took a complex and obscure process (Building a Tire) and made it clear and understandable. It allowed the jury to understand the defect in a way that no amount of expert testimony could have accomplished.”

Daniel M. O’Leary

“It was clear from the Animations that our Client was NOT at fault and the jury saw that! They returned a DEFENSE VERDICT after 20 MINUTES of Deliberations. Nice work... We will be using you soon. Thanks again!”

John K. Paulson

“Visualizing what happened from various vantage points gave us the ability to see what really occurred in this case...Determining Line of Sight from the Driver’s Point of View helped us understand liability in this case...Great work!”

Stephen Blewett

“The installation of a railing would have prevented this accident from occurring. The animation prepared by Legal Depiction helped the jury understand and visualize the "What IF Scenario" and explain our client’s injuries.’’

Siamak Vaziri

“The Animations created depicted the true lighting conditions at the time of the accident. As a result, we were able to show that the Pedestrain was at fault in this case. We look forward to working with Legal Depiction again in the future.’’

Ted M. Lee



The Legal Depiction team begins building a technical foundation with a one-on-one discussion to review the parameters of each case to determine the approach. Whether it’s an accident reconstruction, product liability or personal injury case, each scenario needs to be told accurately and effectively. Some cases require static graphics, while others benefit from 3D animation or an interactive presentation.

At this point, crucial questions begin to be answered, such as identifying the intended audience of the visualization. Trial graphics must be admissible and therefore demand a factual presentation. Arbitration and mediation call for a different visual strategy that utilizes emotion to help make an impactful statement.

The Legal Depiction team prides themselves on their consultative approach that guides the client to the right solution. With over two decades of entertainment experience, we provide the storytelling method that will most effectively support the case.

After the initial Case Analysis and Technical Consultation, Legal Depiction provides a
detailed quote. Pricing is based on the complexity of the Project and takes into account the following:

• Number of Visuals to be created
• Complexity and Format of each Visual
• Use of Scene or Object scanning
• Level of photorealism
• Project Deadline

Based on this approach and the steps needed, a timeline will be developed.
After the quote and timeline have been accepted, the project begins.

At Every step of the Production Process each Visual element created is evaluated for
Technical Accuracy and Effective Storytelling.

• Assets Provided and Collected
• Laser Scans and Surveys
• Xrays, CT Scans, MRIs, Medical Records
• Reference Photos, Maps, Schematics, CAD Drawings
• Documents and Total Collision Reports (TCR)
• A Rough Animatic (Environment Objects, Characters and Camera POVs)
• Graphic Overlays to Highlight Areas of Importance and Focus

Once an Animatic is approved, Production begins where we Texture, Light, and
incorporate Graphic Elements for Rendering/Compositing in order to output a High
Resolution Animation deliverable.

At Legal Depiction, all projects are checked for Quality Assurance by our team of Graphic Experts. We know that the stakes are high! Providing Accurate, Clear and Compelling
Visuals leads our clients to receiving either a Favorable Judgement or Winning their case.

• Digital files are delivered via FTP or Client’s preferred format.
• Deliverables are handled electronically via our Secure Tansfer Portals and file services.
• Delivery on a USB Drive is also available upon request.

Using secure sites with encrypted access, Confidentiality is paramount to our clients.
Being comfortable and confident in a Trial or Settlement Environment is part of our
success with our clients. We will familiarize you with what you need in order to have a 100% on point presentation.

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